*Daddy Time*

Lara has so much fun with Stephen.  I know some of you may think, “Well, DUH!  That’s her Dad!”.  But, their relationship is SO special and I have never witnessed anything like it.  The “mother knows best” stereotype is completely shattered with a look into their interactions.  I could not have asked for anything more for the father of my child.  We agree on our parental strategies and have the same prioritize when it comes to raising Lara.  The above pictures display a few of last week’s adventures.

  • Shopping for goodies thanks to the gift cards/cash/exchangeable products Stephen got for his birthday.
  • Letting Lara pick out a GORGEOUS dress from J. Crew for Mother’s Day.
  • Getting some slide time.
  • Romping around with a balloon.
  • Nap Time.  Because any place is a good place for a nappy.  🙂

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