This week, I was constantly reminded of the invisible workers. 

You know how sometimes, things get done and you can’t pinpoint who did it?  The trash gets picked up, the tables are wiped down, the grocery aisles are stocked, the car gets washed. 

I was stuck in traffic and I watched an older, Hispanic man meticulously lay down tape as he painted the divider lines in a newly paved parking lot.  He is responsible for making sure we each have enough space for our SUVs and luxury cars.  How thankless is a  job like that?

I was at the car wash and I picked Lara up so that she could see her car roll down the conveyor belt.  She pointed to the men washing the car and noticed their every detail:

“He’s wearing rain boots!  Why?  Is that an apron?  What is he holding in his hand?  His arms are wet!  Is he sweating?  Oh no, it’s the water splashing!” 

When I gave her $3 so she could tip the man who dried our car, she asked me for more money to give the man who washed it.  I had to convince her that they share the money at the end of tha day.

I need to remember to be thankful for the little things, those small things are what make up the BIG picture!


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