Dreamgirls…a VERY old post

How could I NOT post about our wonderful theatre experience?  We had an awesome time and I failed to immortalize it on the www?  Shame on me!  If it isn’t on the Internet, it isn’t real, right?

Stephen and I took his lovely Mommy to see Dreamgirls for her 50th birthday.  This is her, posing in front of the fountain:

Before the show, we had dinner at Ciudad.  Here is the view from their patio area:

And, this is the view from my seat:

I wanted a cute couple pick, but I was a bit tipsy and my aim wasn’t too hot.

Our tickets:

The limo ride back to our car:

The Stage!   

The photos are out of order, so sorry!  I just had to get this post out of my “draft” folder because it was giving me anxiety. 

“Welcome to the dark side…..”  🙂


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