Fun with Bubbles

I’ve been doing it, again.  Filling my planner with things to do and feeling the need to constantly be doing something.  It’s like my mind can’t stand the thought of being still for a second.  I’m trying to slow myself down, a little.  Lara and I have been filling our Summer (can it be called Summer when it’s 75 degrees and cloudy?) days with things that don’t require too much planning and scheduling.  Trips to the library, chalk/paint/crafty things, visits to the park.  Of course, Lara has just as much fun on days I have an itinerary as she does on days where bubbles are the main source of excitement: 






To make my exploding brain situation even worse, I bought a new planner.  Yes, in the middle of the year, I threw out my perfectly good planner for an 18-month one that started July 2010.  I had to transfer all of the information and re-train my brain to a different format (I have been using the last style for 3 consecutive years) just because I wanted a Moleskine planner.  Why do I do these things to myself?

On a brighter note, I am sleeping better than EVER before.  I contribute my new zzzzzzz’s to:

1.  I don’t drink espresso based drinks anymore (tea is my new source of caffeine).

2.  I’m not drinking fat-laden milk anymore (soy or non-fat milk only).

3.  Lara no longer sleeps with us (she has realized that she is much more comfortable in her own bed).

I will enjoy these peaceful nights for the next month.  Then, I will be back on a graveyard shift (after a WHOLE year off) so, DO NOT call/text/drop by Tue-Thu from 0800-1500 starting in August, okay?  Thanks.  🙂


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