Happy Birthday, Julisa.

June 30th, 2010


9 years old and you:

  • Are very beautiful.  And, smart.  You catch on quickly and always have an ear out to what the adults are seeing.  Interesting stuff, huh?
  • Are SO sweet to Lara.  You share with her and do everything you can to keep her happy and placated.  I remember being your age and making kids younger than me cry.  Your Tia D is silly.
  • Are very sure of your likes and dislikes.  That’s more than some adults can claim.  You’re the first to compliment me on my new shoes or new purse.  Sassy Girl.
  • Are a DOLL.  I love you very much.  Keep being the wonderful girl that Jesus has called you to be.

9 Years Ago.  I was 19 and held you during your presentation at church.  The 1st baby I ever held.  🙂


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