Happy Anniversary Sale!

 The Nordstrom Anniversary has become a bit of a staple on this blog.  2009 20082007.  We don’t miss it!  And, we continue to be LOYAL Nordstrom customers and are invited to shop the sale before it’s open to the public.  Nothing like exclusivity to make a girl feel like spending even more $$.  🙂  This year we went in with a budget because times are tough and we need to save all of our nickels and dimes for our San Francisco trip (coming up REAL soon!).  It was hard to work on a budget.  I don’t do well with setting limitations.  But, we did good!

I bought this in all of the colors available.  Yes, I did.  They are very skinny jeans with a banded top so that I don’t suffocate whenever I squeeze into them.  Love!

Isn’t this t-shirt cute?  For Stephen, of course.

I think these shoes are HORRENDOUS.  Terrible, Terrible.  But, Lara saw them and said, “I saw that commercial at Grandma’s house!  They are Twinkle Toes!  I want them, please, please, please!”.  We bought them for her, as a birthday gift.  She is going to be so happy when she opens them!  Hehehe. 

I bought these boots for myself, at Stephen’s request.  I will wear them to make him happy.  🙂

I also bought this dress in multiple colors because the fit is PERFECT.

This is my FAVORITE perfume.  I bought a bottle at the end of last year and…I lost it.  How does one lose a bottle of perfume?!?  I don’t know.  😦  I haven’t been able to justify buying another bottle since it is way too expensive for me.  But, these roller ball thingys were on sale so, I decided to splurge.  I smell so yumm now.

Stephen’s New Purcells.

Seychelles.  The Best Shoe Brand EVER!

I’m investing in my face because that’s my best asset, now isn’t it?  That’s how I’m justifying purchasing a cleaning system at only 28 years old.  It comes with 2 cleaning heads so, I will be sharing it with the hubby.

Anyone have contact information for the nearest Shopper’s Anonymous?


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