San Franciso:Day 1

Stephen is the best packer and managed to get all of our belongings into a single suitcase. I think we have mastered the art of smart packing.

As we were getting our luggage into my FIL’s car, Tenoch bolts out of the backyard and makes his way down the street. Stephen and FIL chased that Crazy Beagle to the end of the block. He was captured right as he reached the busiest street ever. I’m really questioning that dog’s mental stability.

Long Beach Airport is so cute. It’s a miniature. A lot less hassle (and closer and cheaper) than LAX.

Jet Blue has television in their flights?! Wow. No need for coloring books and press-on nails, Lara amused herself with Spongebob as she ate her cookies.

(As read in Vanity Fair) As much as I love Lady Gaga, cocaine? Really? Drugs are NOT cool. 😦
I took a quiz that decides if I’m a Jackie or a Marilyn (the answer key is online. Aaargh!). The answer choices were hilarious! Q: How do you feel about your Mother? A: She scares the hell out of me. Q: How do you feel about sex? A: It’s a great way to say thank-you. ROFL.

A 1 hour flight ends before it even begins. I miss long flights!

We arrived at Le Meridian 40 minutes after check-in. The front desk lady unapologetically informs us that since we are late (huh?!) and they were sold out last night and there were a lot of late check-outs, our room would not be ready for another hour. Or, we could pay $10 a night extra for a “bay view” room. Uh, NO. I paid for this room MONTHS ago and it should be ready for me! Unless you want to upgrade me for FREE. We resigned to waiting and, suddenly, she announced that our room was now available. I will be Yelping about this.

After changing into our Fancy Theatre Clothes, we realized we were starving and started walking towards The Orpheum Theatre. We walked and walked down Market St and there were NO restaurants that caught our attention. None. I was about to pass out when we gave up and walked into Burger King. That was the best Whopper I have ever eaten.

We had hours to spare and went in search of Citizen Cake for desserts. We passed the BEAUTIFUL City Hall, arrived at our destination and: Out of Business. Damn the 3 guidebooks who featured that dumb place.

A block away we found The Crepe House, where I had some DELICIOUS plain crepes with vanilla bean ice cream. Mmmmmmmmm good.

We started the walk back to the theatre and stepped into the (also beautiful) San Francisco Public Library. We browsed the used books store. Stephen selected a Borges book and I took home Everything is Illuminated. We decided to make buying used books on vacation our new tradition. ❤

The Orpheum Theatre (beautiful) is an adorable mini-Pantages. Lara was excited beyond words at getting to see the Wicked Witch and Glenda (the Ga is silent).

The show was cute, but I prefer the cast members that I saw at the Pantages a few years ago. I also prefer Wicked the book to Wicked the show. But, that's just me.

Lara was engrossed in the story line until the second to last song where her exhaustion took control and she fell fast asleep.

The BART system is so easy and efficient. Loved it.

Wearing new boots on the first day of a walking heavy vacation is NOT a good idea. I knew it, too, but these boots were just too adorable to NOT wear to the show. I will be wearing Uggs for the rest of my stay here.

I LOVE the weather here!!! The thermostats say 55-60, but I don't really feel cold. It feels fresh and crisp without wearing a jacket ( just a sweater and scarf).

So far, San Fran has treated us well. 🙂


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