San Francisco: Day 2

We slept in. As much as sleeping in on vacation kills me, we had to. We were tired.

Starbucks for breakfast is SO comforting. My chai tasted just like it does in Pasadena. 🙂

I surprised myself when I didn’t mind waiting 45 minutes to get on the Powell-Hyde cable car. I took advantage of the wait to do a little Sephora shopping. Mascara, lip balm and nail polish later, feel free to buy me Sephora gifts for my birthday.

The Cable Car ride is something everyone should try once. Just once. It was crazy crowded and bumpy. We were happy to jump out.

At Fisherman’s Wharf, Lara had a meltdown. The only thing that settled her down was the promise of sea lions in the near future.

At Pier 39, we visited said sea lions. Afterwards, lunch at Boudin.

Boudin is one of those places that should be in every city. Fresh sourdough bread, some of it shaped into teddy bears! A sourdough museum. And, clam chowder.

We walked along Embarcadero ALL the way to the Ferry Building. It was kind of underwhelming. I expected more shops. We got aguas frescas from Mijita. They were gross.

At this point, I begged Stephen for hotel/nap time. He was livid, but he knew I needed it.

After my mini-break, we went to what is definitely going to be my FAVORITE part of SanFran- Chinatown.

The festive streets, inexpensive and beautiful souvenirs (Umbrellas! Kimonos! Paper Lanterns!), hustle and bustle. I loved it.

We had dinner in Chinatown at R&G Lounge. We waited for 30 minutes and I didn’t get annoyed at all while waiting(surprise!). I think I’m a grown-up now.

Dinner was yummo. Also, can someone tell me the difference between shrimp and prawns? Same thing, to me! We ordered “safe” items that we recognized and were not very adventurous. There were 5 HUGE whole FRESH crabs at the table next to me. Jealous!

We walked (downhill) back to the hotel.



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