San Francisco: Day 3

We woke up early. Not as early as we planned, but early enough. I was the first one up, which is RARE on vacation. Or, any day, for that matter.

We walked over to Bocadillos, a Spanish tapas restaurant. Delish. Not better than my fave Jaleo/Washington DC, but WAY better than Barcelona/Pasadena (yuck).

We walked over to Alcatraz Landing, stopping for Starbucks on the way. Starbucks was located in the Levi’s corporate offices (I wonder if Levi’s employees have to/get to wear Levi’s every day…).

We passed Coit Tower. I have no interest in climbing up to it. Nope.

We were the last to board the ferry to Alcatraz. Close call!

Alcatraz is a MUST SEE place for anyone/everyone on the West coast. So much history!

My favorite was the audio tour of the cells. Lara was intently listening to her headset. Stephen was listening to his in Spanish. 🙂 We also sat thru a very informative 17 min movie made by the Discovery channel.

Stephen was very patient with me when I had to take breaks during our climb on “The Rock”. I get tired, sometimes. The hike is equivalent to a 17 story building! Or, is it 13 stories? Something like that.

I didn’t buy any souvenirs there. Surprise!

For lunch, we walked to the Ferry Building and ate at The Slanted Door. It was recommended by several friends, guidebooks and Gwyneth Paltrow (via Goop) and is supposed to be San Fran’s most popular restaurant. We had spring rolls, skirt steak, fried noodles and THE BEST BREAD PUDDING OF MY WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE. Stephen will find that recipe on the Internets and make it for me on my birthday.

We took the BART to Balmy Alley in The Mission. Beautiful, Beautiful Murals. I wish I had artistic ability. I buy paints and crayons and pencils, but I don’t know how to use them. 😦

Stephen had a mojito/coffee concoction at a coffee shop whose name I can’t remember (Philz, I think?).

I put us on the wrong train on the way back “home”. Stephen noticed. We got off and got on the right train. Good looking out!

Next up was Yerba Buena gardens. Lara was napping, I was getting a sunburn, Stephen was working on his tan.

Lara woke up grumpy from her nap and begged us to take her back to the hotel.

We agreed to take her, only after stopping at the SFMOMA store…where I bought myself all kinds of fun things.

We took Subway (not THE subway. I mean sandwiches) up to the hotel and watched Bourne Supremacy. Matt Damon is SO all-American looking. It makes us sick. In a good way.

We bundled up (it was 9pm and foggggy) and walked over to City Lights. We took a few pics and I purchased some Beat Lit.

We went to Bocadillos (again!) For dessert. Flan and choc cake and coffee.

I was up until 3am with some sort of tummy ache. Or, heart burn/GERD. Or, heart attack symptoms. It was NOT fun.

I’m all better now, thanks.


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