San Francisco: Day 5

Why do vacations go by so fast?  The work week drags, the time between the vacation is booked to the take-off date seems like ETERNITY.  These last few days didn’t stretch out as long as they should have.

We checked out at 0900, left our luggage there and took the bus to Stacks.  Stacks as in pancake stacks.  My breakfast was to die for.

We hung out at the Westfield Shopping Center on Market Street.  We shopped at Hello Kitty and Lara got her face painted as the Hello Kitty.  🙂

We walked to the hotel to re-group.

We walked to the Ferry Building and did some last-minute souvenir shopping/oyster & sticky bun & spring roll eating.

We showed up at the hotel to find the Super Shuttle waiting for us, 30 minutes early.

This is where I got in a fight with the Super Shuttle driver.  He was insisting that we need a voucher for Lara!  I double checked with both Expedia and Super Shuttle to make sure that Lara didn’t need to pay.  They BOTH told me that children under 6 do not pay.  But, this guy wasn’t giving it up.  He called his office and was holding us up, not to mention there were 2 other passengers in the shuttle, equally anxious to get going.  He got off of the phone w/the “office” and claimed that they told him it was ok for him to go ahead with the trip, just this once.  I bet you they told him that he was WRONG.  I meant to complain, but sometimes it’s not worth the trouble, really.

The best part was that after that 10 minute little spat, Lara tells me:

“He didn’t understand that I’m 3 years old [because I kept repeating her age over and over]?  Is it because he’s Chinese?”

LOL!  He wasn’t Chinese, either.  Possibly Russian.

Our flight was pleasant (and, SO short) and we are now HOME SWEET HOME.


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