San Francisco…again

Usually when I get backed up with my blogging (happens ALL the time, unfortunately), I skip all the time that I missed and start off with current events.  This time, I can’t do it!  These last couple of months have been wonderful, eventful and SUPER ready to be shared. 

Here are a few of the FAVORITE SanFran pics.

It was a plane ride full of entertainment.

A new magazine & a guide-book.

I love airports.

The F-Line.

CREPES w ice cream!


She really had to be patient for Wicked.  We were standing in front of The Orpheum, waiting for the doors to open while her little insides were yelling, “Let Me In!!!”.

Bear Overboard.

The Cable Car ride down.

ALLLLLL delicious.

The public restroom that cleans itself.

Ferry ride to Alcatraz.

The Slanted Door

The Best Dessert of my Whole Life. 

Spring Rolls

Balmy Alley.

An important reminder.

I love to watch them play around..hehehe.


Waiting for the bus.

The Painted Ladies.

The Playground.


It was so hard to narrow it down.  I almost made this a 5 part post, but I’ve got ALL of September to wiz thru.  🙂


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