Two Pictures

I just LOVE taking pictures of expired things!  It just fascinates me.  And, it reminds me to USE my stuff before I turn into a hoarder.  This anti-bacterial gel should NOT have gone to waste and shouldn’t have been taking up space in my medicine cabinet.

Lara started a chorus class at school called Pre-Choristers.  It introduces her to music and choir.  The 1st day of class, she came home with this, totally proud of herself.  “I know how to write music!”.  President Obama is pleased.  🙂 

And, for all of you non-musical folk, this is a quarter note.  🙂


One thought on “Two Pictures

  1. LOL. I’m glad the president is pleased. Music is fun.
    I saw the expired bottle in the trash… I was full! I almost pulled it out. hehe.

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