Sundays in September

This particular Sunday we went to LA Mill in Silverake for brunch.  Stephen had this coffee concoction that knocked his socks off.  I had the best soy chai ever.

I also had steak and eggs.

Lara and I both wore a blue dress.

We’re matchy like that.



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4 responses to “Sundays in September

  1. Stephen

    That “Blanco y negro” was worth the wait and all the hype.

  2. You make me miss blogging. I just caught up on your life. Now when are we having our “date” huh?!?!?! :-p

  3. um…where didd my comment go?

  4. WordPress thought you were spam…MEAN! : (

    I want to get caught up with YOU! Lunch in 2 weeks? I will message you. ❤

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