Last Day Being 28…

It was my last day as a 28-year-old.  That evening, we went to El Capitan to see the new, straight to DVD Tinkerbell movie: The Great Fairy Rescue.  Adorable.  Lara enjoyed the scenes where the little girl got to meet Tinkerbell.  I kept telling her that fairies were real — I want her to believe!  🙂

We had dinner at the Disney Cafe next door.  We have always wanted to try that place and, thankfully, we were seated promptly.  We finished with a few minutes to spare and the theatre manager snuck us in through the side door.  Now, THAT’S service!


Tinkerbell came to see the Tinkerbell movie with us. 




Mickey Mouse PBJ.




Look at all that butter on Mick’s Face!


After the show, we hung out a bit at Hollywood/Highland.

We got home and stayed up playing Scrabble (I won!) and enjoying a delicious bottle of Riesling.  At midnight, I turned 29. 

29 feels GREAT.   



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