Labor Day

We were broke on Labor Day, due to a long weekend of spending on me and my birthday celebrations.  The easiest thing for us to pass the time when we are low on $ is Disneyland because:

  1. Our annual passes are paid for.
  2. Lara’s pass comes with parking pre-paid on it.
  3. We pack up sandwiches, chips, drinks and enjoy our economy lunch on Main Street.
  4.  A few magical hours there and we are ready to go home and KNOCK OUT (see below).


In line at Space Mountain.  She’s such a joker!

Lines were longer than we are used to.  Also, it was HOT.

He beats me EVERY time.  He was even shooting with 2 guns!  Buzz totally needs to recruit him.

Racing ahead.

A day at Disneyland always guarantees a peaceful night’s sleep, at least 10-12 hours.  Look at her, dreaming of Mickey & Minnie.


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