School Party #4

Lara’s birthday is almost exactly 1 month after mine (09/04 v 10/03).  The funny thing is, I was premature by 4 weeks so, I was due around the time Lara was born.  I love being a September Baby, except for 1 thing…I never got to celebrate my birthday at school.  Sometimes I would miss it by just 1-2 days, SOB.  What was worse (oh, the troubles of a spoiled child) was that my Back to School Shopping and Birthday Gift Shopping were one and the same.  DOUBLE SOB! 

An October 3rd Birthday?  Perfect for school celebrations.    

Mmmmm…Mini Cupcakes that Stephen baked the night before.  


Waiting for Cupcake Time.  Hehehe..that face.


Passing out cupcakes and pretending to like children.



The Frosting=Her favorite part.



After her birthday, we took her to the movies to see Alpha & Omega in 3D.  That movie was pretty terrible.  Lara still enjoyed it; she had been asking us to take her ever since she saw the previews.  I could have poked my eyes out halfway through.  I think I took a tiny nap.


And, this is Lara’s Class Party last year.  Such a baby face, huh?  Also, notice the difference in the party hat?  Last year’s teacher was an arts & craft GENIUS.  GENIUS!


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