Fourth Birthday Party

Party Time! 

Friday night, after Lara’s School Party and the movies, we threw her a little party at Color Me Mine.  When I originally suggested the spot to Stephen, I thought it would be a fun place to celebrate her with close family and friends without going overboard.  The party is limited to 2 hours which includes food, cake, present opening and the painting of a ceramic.  Here are some observations:

  1. Timeliness means nothing to some people.  I will admit, I am one of those people.  I feel no remorse being late to a party or get together.  The only exception is when my presence will truly make a difference like, my OWN party or something with a timetable.  Lara’s party was scheduled from 6pm-8pm so, showing up at 7pm is NOT acceptable behavior, People.  Especially when you are 1 of 30 guests…your presence pretty much makes the party.  Everyone pretty much showed up late, which started off the party kind of shaky.
  2. A big pizza really is a BIG pizza.  I have very little experience throwing a party.  This was my 4th and I have never really handled more than 30-50 people (including children) at a time.  That is my excuse for not estimating correctly when ordering the food.  I over-ordered and there was a HUGE salad and 1/4 of a HUGE pizza leftover.  I know, I know, it’s better to have too much than not enough.  I just dread being wasteful.  And, I pride myself at being a good estimator – guess I have to take that off of my resume.
  3. As cute and fun as a venue looks, the employees can totally ruin a party.  When we got there, our “host” for the evening was the owner of this particular store.  It was absolutely empty, except for us.  That seemed like an ideal situation…until the owner got a series of long, important-sounding phone calls.  Thirty minutes were left on our clock when he took me aside to let me know there was an emergency at another store.  He said we could take as long as we wanted (YAY) and that the store closed at 9pm.  He was going to lock us in there (WEIRD) and another employee would show up at any moment (it took about 15 minutes).  The extra time was AWESOME considering we got off to a late start and we were able to open gifts there (meaning there would be no mess to clean up at our house).  However, his inattentive handling of us earned him 2 stars on Yelp.
  4. No matter what happens, the party outcome is based on the Party Girl’s reactions.  And, that means that the party was a TOTAL success.  Lara had a great time painting her little dog, Ezabell, with her cousins and friends.  She loved all her gifts, devoured her cupcakes and thanked us for her “cool party” when we got home.  Call us crazy, but we have already decided to throw her a BIG party next year, when she turns 5.  I should already get my prescription for Prozac, right?      


See that Hello Kitty balloon?  It’s still alive!  26 days later, it lives in her room, barely touching the ceiling.  Totally got my $8 worth on that purchase.


Stephen made those delicious cupcakes with cake mix and canned frosting…still yummie as ever.  We bought the Hello Kitty lollipops/candy rings in Little Tokyo.  The mini cake was purchased for $7 at the King Ranch market.  The HK marshmallow lollipop was purchased at an ice cream shop in Huntington Beach.


Fixing her apron, also purchased in Little Tokyo.  And, I got her Crew Cuts dress on sale for 27.99 (regular price, 79.99!).


My Girl!


Our first guest (and the only one who owns a watch) at 6pm, my Mother.



The really BIG pizza.


So happy to see her Pepeton, my Daddy.


Tia Susie, being such a SPORT and coming to the party 6 days after giving birth to Maddie.  Thank you SO much for coming.  You TOTALLY have an excuse for being late!  🙂




Smiling little Em.


Brother and his Girlfriend.  No, I never thought I would use those 2 words in the same sentence.


Painting Fun.


Picking out the paint.


Working on Ezabell.


My BFFFFFFF and I.  And, her JAZZ tattoo.




Family Portrait…and Julia!


Trying to keep the candle on while a huge fan blew constant wind on us…


Homemade wrapping paper, courtesy of The Castros.


Her Grandma made her a beautiful, green blanket.


As you can tell by the reaction, her favorite gift.  Thank You Corrales Family.


Wearing her gifts to bed.  🙂


A few weeks later, Nana gave her the rest of her gift…shoes that make her feel 21, instead of 4.  Oh, Bear.


And, last year’s celebration…time is FLYING, isn’t it?


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