Happy 4th Birthday, Lara!!

We started off Lara’s Birthday at church, totally appropriate since we are SO thankful for our little girl. 

She was looking forward to saying “cuatro” when they asked her how old she was turning.



And, we were off to the HAPPIEST place on Earth.  On the day of her birthday, we gave Lara her gifts from Moms and Dads, spread out throughout the day.  In the morning, we gave her a dress, a pair of leggings and Twinkle Toe Skechers (which I find extremely yuck, but she has been asking for them for months now).  When we started our drive to The Disney, we gave her the 2nd gift, a Rapunzel doll that she got to play with on the drive over.  When we arrived at the Mickey and Friends parking lot, her 3rd gift was revealed: an Alice costume.  The kicker was that we let her wear the costume into the park.  She was overjoyed.  🙂  We gave her the last gift on our drive home…a Princess Tiana Leapster game.  Presents are fun!


We had lunch at Ariel’s Grotto.  We had never been and were very pleased with the food, service and the princesses.  At first, I had a suspicious feeling when I didn’t see any prices on the menu and they brought out appetizers without us ordering anything.  Turns out its prix fixe with a choice of main course– for a very reasonable price. 

She got to meet Ariel right when we go there. 


During dinner, the princesses started showing up…



My Silly Girl


We let her decide which rides to go on, we even let her choose the order.  I was surprised when she suggested It’s a Small World, she’s usually not that into it. 


Toon Town is ALWAYS a favorite.


Gadget’s Roller Coaster always brings the LOLs.  Non-stop giggling and hair tossing.


Thank you, Jesus, for another celebrated birthday.  Protect and care for my little Lara.  We love her so…


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