Why I love my BFF…


Our Las Vegas mini-vacation (more on that later) gave me a greater appreciation for my BFF.  I few reasons why I think she’s the best.

  1. She doesn’t hesitate to say what she feels.  She’s no coward, this girl.  We were getting our make-up done at Nordy’s MAC (my birthday gift to her) and after 20 minutes, she informed her make-up girl that the job she was doing was unacceptable and she would just have to clean her face off and start all over…LOVE it!
  2. She’s a food lover.  Jackie knows how to eat GOOD.  Crab legs, steak, burgers…the works.  And, our buffet/room service overindulgence was not accompanied by talks of caloric intake and/or eater’s remorse.  That would have ruined a perfectly good meal.  No reason to state the obvious, right?
  3. She dresses SO cute.  And, surprisingly conservative.  I mean, we were in Vegas so, if I was her (thin, busty, adorable), I would have gone out wearing a slutty, slutty outfit.  She’s classy, yet modest, her outfits were refreshing.
  4. She’s so SMARTS.  This girl is educated and it totally shows.  Being that I’m merely a high school graduate and Jackie has her masters in Child Development, I am constantly asking her questions related to Lara’s development and her school experiences.  She is such a resource.
  5. Her and I have very similar ideas of what fun is.  We took a lot of naps, ate a lot, saw a show, shopped and giggled.  🙂
  6. She has a healthy outlook on money.  There are 2 annoying kinds of people when it comes to going out as “couples” and dealing with the touchy subject of $.  #1:  The ones who methodically split the bill, giving $46.13…exact change to pay for their exact amount of the bill.   This type of person is too much maintenance for me.  #2:  The laissez-faire spender, who is keeping no track of the money whatsoever and doesn’t even blink when I’M paying the bill for the thousandth time and they make no intent to split the bill or at least take care of the tip.  Jackie & Joey were both fair and un-tricky when it came to the 4 of us divvying up the expenses.  We came home with lots of leftover money…pleasant surprise!
  7. She loves as…just as we love her.  Jackie is one of my oldest friends and the closest thing to a sister I have.  Thanks, Friend, for inviting us on this mini-vacation and sharing so much with us.  Stephen & I love you both, LOTS.  🙂

One thought on “Why I love my BFF…

  1. LOL! Hilarious friend. Some of the things are too funny because is true. For a second there you did think I was going out on the strip like a slut. LOL! We love you three very much. And you are my BFFFFFF! as well.

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