Vegas…the RIGHT way

A few months ago (I don’t remember how it came up), my BFF Jackie and I decided to plan a couples trip to Las Vegas.  Being that Joey is VIP at the M Resort, she said we wouldn’t have to worry about paying for food or lodging.  How could I say no to that? 

I told Stephen and he made me promise not to flake.  Because, you know, flaking is part of my MO.  Especially with the thought of leaving Lara for a WHOLE weekend.  But, since we have not had a weekend away since we went to Palm Springs for our 5 year anniversary last year, we decided a mini-vacay was way overdue.

Now, Stephen and I don’t usually do “group date” type outings so, we were really curious about how things were going to work out.  Thankfully, it was a BLAST.  


They picked us up in a rented Benzie that makes my Benzie look like a Fiesta.

When we got to the hotel, it was FANCY.  We have only ever stayed at cheap hotels (Luxor/New York,New York) so, the M was quite the 180 degree difference.

This is the view into our room from the bathroom, which had a television in it.


The view from our room.  The Strip seemed so close, but it was actually a 20 minute drive.


Our Room


Jackie & Joey’s adjoining suite


Relaxing on the first day.




Stephen and I were constantly being called Mr & Mrs Corrales.  It was fun. 🙂


That night, we ate dinner at Veloce Cibo, a restaurant on the top floor of the hotel, with an AMAZING view.  We ordered SO much good food.  And, of course, I didn’t take my camera.  😦

We also went to the movies and saw The Social Network (2 thumbs up).


The next morning, Stephen and I had our morning coffee and pastry at Babycakes, a cute little bakery in the hotel.  Which, BTW, isn’t it sneaky of this resort to make everything so available that no one ever has to leave!

After breakfast, Stephen and I got haircuts while Jackie got a facial.  And, Joey gambled.  🙂

A far away self-portrait…


We hit the buffet afterwards and the M Resort buffet TOTALLY beats out my old favorite, the Rio Buffet.  I wish SO bad that I could go back to that buffet right now…

Somewhere in there, we took a couple of naps before it was time to go to the mall.  Yay!


Jackie and I shopped a little and got our make-up done at MAC while Stephen bought an IPhone 4 case and a Build-a-Bear for Bear.

After our face was made-up, we got dressed up.

Holding Joey’s BIG BALLER chips.




We drove to the MGM Grand to see Ka.  Don’t even ask me what it was about.  I was asleep during 80% of it.  The only thing interesting about the whole show was Joey’s commentary, “Look! He’s wearing a sparkly suit!  I can see his zipper!  A snake!”  LOL.

After the show, we had the MOST DELICIOUS room service EVER.  I want to recreate this meal SO bad.  We also watched 50 First Dates. 


The next morning, we had another delicious room service experience with breakfast…then we were off.  Boo Hoo.

Oh, important to mention is that ALL the food we ate in the hotel was taken care of, as were our haircuts.  We came home with money leftover, which is unheard of for us when we return from vacays.

I left my eyelashes on for 2 days/2 nights so that Lara could see them.  She thought they were weird and that my eyes looked better “regular”.


That’s Jackie & Joey’s room…


Our pilot…


Our co-pilot…




Thanks, AGAIN, for an awesome vacay, BFF!!  ❤


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