Pumpkin Parade-2010

Parade Day!

The night before, Stephen put her hair in rollers so she could wake up with curly, goddess-like hair.   

I signed up to help set the class up for the classroom party.  That was…annoying.  I’m a rookie when it comes to dealing with school/other children/other parents and I’m still learning the ropes here.  It seems like:

1.  The classroom experience is greatly dependent on the mix of children in the class.

2.  The child’s classroom demeanor is (largely) a reflection of the parent.

We have already had a few unfortunate experiences with a couple of the kids in Lara’s class.  The teachers and administrator have been nothing but attentive when it comes to handling the “issues”.  But, there’s only so much they can do.  It’s the parents that are supposed to be taking charge of their child’s behavior.  Most of the parents, however, leave their kids at school Mon-Fri, 7am to 6pm, which means that their seems to be no real parent involvement.  It’s sad, really. 

I have gotten off track.  What I meant to talk about was how uninvolved and stingy this group of parents is.  Half of the parents that signed up to bring food/snacks for the party showed up with nothing.  The people who did bring something, brought something yuck…and, not enough to feed all 22 children.  Ms Mayda and I had to get creative by splitting some of the portions.  The teacher went as far as giving away a box of brownies that an old parent brought for her.  Sweet, huh?

While I helped set up the party, Lara and her classmates had storytime.  


The barren party table.


She was so happy to see Dad show up right before we walked to the parade route.


Showing her how to hold up her fancy dress while she walked up the stairs.


Our Greek Goddess.

She had a little skit prepared, just in case someone asked her what her costume was about:

“In the country of Greece, thousands of years ago, there were beautiful ladies with curly brown hair and everyone would buy them presents.  That is what a Greek goddess is”


Our votes for best costume…





Cousin Sister Julia, The Strawberry Fairy


And, to further demonstrate the kind of parents responsible for the children in Lara’s class, check out this guy.  He was so into taking pictures of his kid that he was all up in my girl’s space!  Not cool.




Lara and Chloe


Hehehe…the drama!



Waiting for lunchtime…




Grumpy Face


The face that launched a thousand ships…  🙂


And, this was last year’s Pumpkin Parade, where Dorothy refused to walk the parade route without her Mommy.  It was interesting, LOL.


One thought on “Pumpkin Parade-2010

  1. Lara looks absolutely beautiful in her little costume and I love the faces she made when that man was all up in her box, lol.

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