Here comes the smolder…

Some of Lara’s traits are TOTALLY DNA.  Other things, we have knowingly taught her to love…like going to the movies.  It all started when she was a wee baby girl and I would take her to Mommy Movie Mondays at our local theatre.  She would nurse for 2 hours while I enjoyed the latest flick.  At 1 1/2, she was too old for MMM (instead of watching a movie, I would be walking her up and down the theatre steps while she socialized with other toddlers).  That’s when we started taking her to see whatever the current family friendly show was.  Some were hits, some were misses.  Regardless, Lara would sit through a 2 hour movie and enjoyed the whole experiences.  Popcorn, lemonade, the previews…she loves it.  Her current “must see” list includes Megamind, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (the next Narnia movie), and THE MOST ANTICIPATED: Tangled.  Sometimes, she calls it Wrinkled…LOL.

“Mom, why is Wrinkled taking so long to come out?!  Are they cleaning the theatre for us?  I love that movie!  When are you going to take me?  Is Dad coming with us?  It’s not a Mom & Dad movie, huh?  Are you going to buy me popcorn?  Her name is Blondie AND Rapunzel, she has two names”.

She memorized the trailer and thoroughly inspected a mailer we received from El Capitan that showed different scenes from the movie.  Her favorite clip is the part where the male lead proclaims,

“I didn’t want to have to do this, but you leave me no choice. Here comes the smolder”. 

And, that’s when she gives us her version of “The Smolder”.


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