Sweeeeet FIFTEEN

Sweet little Sara isn’t so little anymore (but, not to worry, she’s still sweet).  Last month she celebrated her BIG 1-5 th birthday party.  It was a classy and beautiful event enjoyed by all.

When I turned 15, I respectfully refused to participate in a Quinceanera.  I totally regret that now.  It would have been so fun and cute to dress up and celebrate whatever 15 years old means.  🙂 

Of course, all I could think of was Lara turning 15.  SOB, EEEK, YAY.  SO many emotions! 

Lara loved it, of course.  She kept saying how beautiful Sara looked in her fancy white dress.  She was also a TOTAL Dancing Queen, rocking out with us, encouraging us to hold hands and dance with each other.  That Lara, such a romantic.


Aww, getting crowned by her Tia Becky.


Dancing with Dad!  This seriously brought tears to my eyes and melted my ice-cube heart.


Using my loooong arm for a self-pic.  I got my makeup done at the Laura Mercier counter because MAC was booked solid.  I liked it, just not dramatic enough for me.  I missed my falsies.



Evidence of a good time had by all.


We left earlier than expected with tummies full of delicious fettucine alfredo.

Happy Birthday, Sara!  Girl, you’ll be a woman soon!  ❤


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