Hello, 2011…Goodbye 2010.

2010…was wonderful. 

A Recap:

Lara settled herself into school life nicely.   There were plenty of holidays and celebrations to enjoy.  And, DISNEY!  Lots of DisneylandAnd, we must not forget: BIRTHDAYS I was in the paper!  And, BABIES, beautiful BABIES born.  We visited San Francisco for the first time (Day 1, 2, 3, 4, 5).  Lara turned 4….WOW.  She started pre-school!  My niece was a Princess.  We went on an adult-only vacation w/ my BFF.  And, the holiday season did not dissapoint…we truly enjoyed it.

I think I can sum up the year with a prayer by my favorite little French girl:

We love our bread, we love our butter, but most of all, we love each other.


The year was great, but most importantly, The Parras have each other. 🙂

As far as resolutions go, I don’t like ’em.  01/01 as a milestone kind of irks me.  Instead, I will just use January to re-evaluate a few of my to-dos.

Things to Keep Doing:

  • Enjoy.  EVERYTHING.  The good, the bad, LIFE.  I am thankful for the ability to LOVE what I am doing.  However mundane it may seem.  It’s the little stuff, right?
  • Be THANKFUL.  Overkill to thank God a billion times a day for victories (BIG and small)?  Never!  I will praise Him all year long.
  • Read.  I have really made an effort to do more reading and I have enjoyed the results.  I won’t let laziness get in the way of any “extra” things that I love.
  • Keep on cooking.  This year I started cooking on an almost daily basis.  And, I LOVE it.  There is a satisfaction to being able to feed the family.  I hope that I don’t get burned out by it this year.


Things to Do MORE Of:

  • Involvement in my church.  I’ve been a passive church attendee.  Must be more of a participant.
  • Giving.  I need to give more of myself, more of my time.  I’m VERY stingy with my time and hoard it.  I will try to be more flexible with it. 

Things to STOP Doing:

  • Communicating via text.  I need to start calling people again.
  • Spending for the sake of spending.  I refuse to become a hoarder.
  • Being too sedentary.  My left arm was begging for movement all last year.  Don’t want the rest of my body to revolt against me.

2011…I’m READY!


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