I’m sick. Feel sorry for me.

I’m as sick as a dog!  I have a fever of at least 100F and my tonsils are the size of potatoes.  Reading and looking at the computer screen makes my eyes BURN.  I’m achy and shaky and, for the kicker, I’m at work.  I should have called in sick, but was trying to be a champ about it.  I’m already taking the highest dose possible of Naproxen (Aleve) for my Thoracic Outlet Syndrome so, there’s no helping me until tomorrow.  I’m trying to calm it down with my hot chai tea, but it is excruciating to swallow.  I haven’t been sick in a few years so, excuse me for the dramatics.  I will probably beg for antibiotics tomorrow morning, which means I won’t go to sleep until late which means I will have been awake for 24 hrs.  Help!

Nevertheless, I’m pushing through with the blogging.  I want to finish up December so that I can start January before February.  Logical, right?

Moving right along, December was the month for recitals.  On one particular day, there were TWO of them, back to back.  The first was her end of session ballet recital, which she has done twice before.

Here she is, warming up before the show.


Strike a pose.


I LOVE her face here!  Actually, they both look pretty darn cute.  🙂


Lining up, ready to start.  They sang a song that was supposedly sung by Tinkerbell.  Something about “I don’t want to go to school”, or equally inappropriate lyrics.





The best part of the event was her face when we gave her a small bouquet.  She loved it.



We rushed out of there, on the way to dinner before the next recital was set to start.


To be continued…

AND, to further illustrate how sick I feel, I am SO sickly that I have no energy to watch the Jersey Shore season premiere.  Waaaaaaaaaaah.


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