First visit to The Disneyland in 2011

January is supposed to be the best month to visit Disneyland…nice and empty.  First week of January AND pouring rain?  The perfect storm.  We were able to get on every ride we LOVE between 10am to 1pm.  Hardly any lines.  Sure, the drive over there was frightening and I felt like I was driving through a river as I practically pushed us down the 5.  Thankfully, Walt himself looked down on us from Heaven (or, from his cryonics storage) and lessened the downpour to a slight drizzle when we got there.  We were practically dry the whole time!  And, the drive home was sunny and rain-free.  🙂

SO happy to be there!


There were such few people that the cast members took extra time with each cute.  Mary & Bert were adorable!



Alice!  Lara proudly showed her, “I’m wearing an Alice shirt!”



I saw a lot of this…  ❤

In line at Space Mountain.

Her first time on Big Thunder Mountain.  She loved it.  I was slightly scared due to that ride’s track record.  Not exactly the safest ride.


The longest we had to wait was 30 minutes to talk to some fairies.  We reluctantly agreed.  It’s better than waiting ONE HOUR to see the newest “Princess”, Rapunzel from Tangled. 





Best part of our first 2011 Disney adventure?  Five Guys is a short 15 minutes from Disney!  It transported me back to Washington DC…  🙂


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