Descanso Gardens…never again.

We went to Descanso Gardens last month.  It was Stephen’s first time and I wanted him to like it.  He didn’t.  And, neither did I.

1.  The staff was RUDE.  We walked towards the ticket booth with a Mc Donald’s bag filled with trash.  Stephen was headed towards a trash can when the cashier girl wanted to yell at him about not taking food into the gardens.  DUH.

2.  The lady in charge of looking up our Groupon was an idiot.  They were in numerical order and 6 numbers in a row were giving her trouble.  She kept saying, “It’s not in here” and I kept telling her, “Turn the page, Lady, you’re still in the 277,000s…my Groupon is 297,000”.  When she finally found it, she wasn’t apologetic and kept acting as if I was trying to sneak into the ragged old place.

3.  It’s Winter.  Lara and I used to go in the Fall.  I guess plant life is affected by seasons?  Who would have thought!

Just because the place was barren and the staff was classless, doesn’t mean The Parras are going to ruin a perfectly good photographic opportunity!

Picture 069

Picture 070

Picture 078

Picture 086

Picture 093

Picture 099

Picture 101

Lovely Lara had a good time.  Mr and Mrs Parra didn’t complain in her presence. 🙂


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