Happy LOVE Day, 2011!

It’s no secret that the Parras love LOVE and we take every chance we get to celebrate it.  And, all you people who deem Valentine’s Day a commercial ploy that should not be noticed?  Bah Humbug to you!  There can be nothing wrong with a day where there are prix fixe Valentine’s menus and flower delivery men roaming offices near you.  🙂

We celebrated TWICE, because we really mean it.  On Valentine’s Day we went to see “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” at our local Arclight.  Audrey and The Cat= LOVE.


Our BIG celebration was the Sunday before ❤ day.  We went to see my favorite musical, Spring Awakening, at The Pantages.

Sipping an overpriced pre-show drink.


The best musical EVER.


Some overpriced pre-show drinks at Katsuya.


Dinner at Delphine’s.  ONION SOUP!



Lara had her own LOVE DAY celebration at school. 




She had a few marriage proposals from the boys at school that day.  Thankfully, she declined.



Writing all 20 of her Valentine’s Day cards all on her own.  Yay!  She was SO into it and now knows how to spell “friend’ by heart.  Stephen says it took him YEARS to get that spelling correct so, I think Lara’s on the right track.   🙂 




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