School Days

I get home from work a little after 0800.  By the time I get there, Stephen and Lara are at work and school.  Sigh.  I pretty much jump into bed right as I walk in the door, exhausted.  But, before I doze off, I check my phone for a very important e-mail.  Stephen sends me a daily photo of Lara as she walks to class. 

These poses are not fabricated, this is really the way she shuffles around.  🙂


She loves dresses, leggings and skirts.  She thinks we are punishing her when we make her wear jeans.


Surprisingly, she loved these Sperrys.  I thought she would call them “boy shoes”. 


She has had that J.Crew coat for over a year.  We believe in buying her a few quality items instead of a lot of cheap ones.  We definitely get our money’s worth whenever we shop the sale rack at Crew Cuts.


Tokidoki on sale at Nordy’s!  Yes, please!


She calls this shirt, “The girl with the eyes”.  Thank You, Sandra and kids!


I love her style!


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