Photo Potpourri #1

“Mom, this is a picture of you cooking”

We trimmed her hair 1.5 inches a few months ago.  Our original plan (2 years ago) was to let her hair grow out loooong and cut it into a bob when she entered Kindergarten.  Little did we know, Lara’s goal in life is to be a Doctor (“I want to help people!”) and to become Rapunzel.   🙂 

We went to the Pacific Asian Museum- it was Stephen’s first time!  It was SO cute and there was a kid friendly costume area.  I want to buy one of these for her…

Against our better judgement, we attempted to get rush tickets to Beauty and the Beast at the Pantages.  FAIL.  No matter, we ended up walking to the El Capitan.  Mickey Mouse shaped waffles and Mars Needs Moms for the second time.  🙂

Nothing like a $5 Target Princess Tiana shirt to make a little girl’s day.  “Take a picture and show Dad!!”


Another one of her classic poses.


Ricky after a much needed s”paw” session.  🙂


Cake….for Lara’s sweet tooth.


She LOVES her Dada.


Beautiful Girls. 


Susie and I are having the time of our lives!  The “empty” seats house little girls.


With Nana, at Disneyland.  One of the last times we went…our pass has expired.  Wah.


Playing catch with a toy Pepeton bought her.  Don’t the mountains look gorge?



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