Winter Ballet Recital-2011

We’re still working on the ballerina thing, full swing.  Lara LOVES her class time and looks forward to Ballet Fridays.  I spend the 45 minutes she’s in class reading.  I finished the Harry Potter books so, I’m looking to get hooked onto another series.  She almost missed her last recital due to a double ear infection she was dealing with.  It hit her pretty hard and she had to take antibiotics for a couple of weeks.  Thankfully, she’s as good as new now.  🙂

I’m SO glad that Stephen skipped class in order to see her little show.  Priorities, people!  Important!  Also, he fixed her hair so elegantly.   


She really does love her Mama.  🙂



Checking out the poster boards.


Can you spot my pretty girl?


Some of the fam was there to show support.  Thanks for going, guys!  ❤  And, NO, she is NOT wearing lipstick or blush.  That’s just how she is.  🙂


Madd!  Growing so fast!  And, because it’s hard for me to understand child growth without comparison, I dug up a pic of Joey when she was the exact same age as Madd is….


Twins!!!  🙂


The ballerina, relaxing after a succesful recital.


After the show we:

1.  Bought Lara some flowers.  Better late than never!

2. Checked out the Pasadena Museum of California Art.

3. Checked out the Pacific Asian Museum (It was Stephen’s first time!  Damn his private school education!).

4.  Saw “The Last Lions” at the Laemmle’s.  A bit adult themed, but Lara was able to deal.

5.  Had a very satisfying dinner at Roy’s.  🙂






One thought on “Winter Ballet Recital-2011

  1. Your daughter is so darn cute and of course I was able to pick her out of the class, duh, she stands out A LOT!

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