Spring Recital-2011

With all of these recitals/shows/concerts, you would think I would be too bored to attend another, right?  WRONG!  One of the most surprising motherhood attributes I have developed is the ability to tolerate other children when related to enjoying My Lara perform.  I actually clapped and paid attention while the other 1000 (that’s what it felt like!!!) classrooms did their routines.  🙂

And, of course, they saved the best for last again.


Julia!  Performing a Sassy Samba. 



Her comes Lara, shimmy, shimmy.


Caught mid-spin!


A picture with her schoolmate, Anson.   Whose mother, BTW, is one of the two handful of mothers in the class that do not annoy me.  Kudos to them!


Of the 5 photos Stephen took, this is the only one where I looked presentable and the only one where Lara was making a silly face.  It’s MY blog so….  🙂


Those genuine smiles just warm my cold, cold heart!!!!!



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