Amazing Race!!!

Thanks to the wonders of Groupon (GREAT DEALS), Stephen and I decided to have a little fun on a Saturday morning and enter an Amazing-Race-like competition called RaceLA.  And, let me tell you, Stephen and I would make GREAT TV.  We were BFFs when we were getting all of the scavenger hunt answers correctly, we were blaming up a storm whenever we had a misstep.  And, to top it ALL off, we weren’t alone in this competition… 



That’s right.  While everyone else was running around Old Town Pasadena with BOTH HANDS free to look over the clues and write down answers, Stephen and I were pushing this little girl around.  We’re just so cute, aren’t we?  We prepped Lara for the adventure, letting her know we were going to be in a race that would be SO much fun.  About 30 minutes into it, I was already breaking a sweat while we tried to outsmart the other teams and Lara asks, “When is the race going to start?”, “UH…this IS the race, Baby!!”, “Oh, this is BORED”.  Whatever!


Here I am, listening to instructions with the other teams and waiting to get our clues handed to us.  You can’t tell from this pic, but I was having a hard time stifling a giggle.  You see, this wasn’t the REAL amazing race.  We weren’t jumping on a plane or carrying our passports.  We didn’t need a bathing suit or change of clothes.  Then, WHY THE HECK ARE THESE GIRLS IN FRONT OF ME WEARING BACKPACKS!?!  WHY WERE SOME MEN WEARING FANNY PACKS?  AND, WORKOUT CLOTHES.  We are in Old Town Pasadena, people.  NOT the Amazon. 



So, the Race went as you would expect, WONDERFULLY.  Stephen and I are a great team.  We are quick, we work well together and, let’s be honest, we know Old Town Pasadena like the back of our hands.  🙂

We thought we were a shoe in to win.  We came in FIRST place during the first part of the race, a race within a race which had a time limit.  We finished the last part of the race FIRST.  We finished so quickly that when we got to the finish line, the race monitor wasn’t even there yet. 

Here we are, all done with the race and waiting for all the slow pokes with backpacks to finish. 




Always time for an impromptu photo session.






We had SO much time left that we were able to check out a venue for Lara’s 5th Birthday Party.  We all loved it.  YAY!




Finally, the scores were tallied and the winners were announced.  The winners are chosen based on correct answers, finish time AND place in the mini race.  We were SO confident, dammit.  Unfortunately, we missed 2 questions and came in 2nd place.  We were heartbroken.  You would have thought there was a REAL price (instead of just free entry into another race and a plastic medal).  Anyone that has played Scrabble/Words with Friends/Word Feud with either of us know that TheParras LOVE to win.  Let’s just say we turned 5 shades of red and died a little inside when we were announced the SECOND PLACE team.  We even e-mailed the race people and demanded a re-count.  NOT joking.  🙂


We had fun, though.  And, we signed up to do ANOTHER race in September with some of my co-workers.  And, I will NEVER, EVER forget the name of the school that was located where the Castle Green is (Throop University) OR the location of the original City Hall (1 East Union).



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