Easter Celebration-2011

We didn’t really celebrate Easter this year. In the traditional sense, I mean. We were too busy living it up in San Francisco to dye eggs or have an Easter Egg Hunt (more on SanFran later). I was pretty pleased with myself about it since Easter has NOTHING to do with a GIANT Bunny that probably gets a cut of the $ dentists make on decaying candy teeth.

Lara’s school had a little celebration, which gave her a chance to fight over eggs and wear bunny ears (ADORABLE, she is!).


Prayer!   Most important thing ever.  <><




There was an Easter Party and an Easter Egg Hunt.  The hunt was…interesting.  I know they’re only 4 years old, children, who can barely make sense of the world…but, how can some kids be so rude?!!  Pushing!?  Greedy!?  Is this kind of behavior acceptable in their homes?!  End Rant.



I had to check on her, make sure her little heart wasn’t broken by the kids who have no problem stealing her eggs filled with sugary cereal.


Of course, she’s fine.  And, doesn’t blame the rude kids.  She’s ok with sharing with them and has no problem only having a few eggs.  ❤ !!!





They’re all eating cereal as if it’s the most delicious thing ever, LOL. 


Bye, Bye, Bunny.



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