San FRANCISCO!!!!! Part 1

San Francisco!  It seems like just yesterday, but it wasn’t.  It was THREE months ago, which means I’m already excited about our next vacation.  Can’t wait!

San Fran was amazing.  Since it was our 2nd time there, we were able to hit some of the spots we missed (along with favorites from our first time).

I love flying.  I think it’s SO relaxing.  I love airports and I’m not annoyed by TSA, airline employees, etc.  Looks like Lara will be taking after me in that area.  🙂

Quick Couple Pic!


So entertained by her Leap Tag.  That was when she wasn’t watching The Cartoon Network on her personal TV.  I love Jet Blue!


I had to go to the bathroom at SFO and they had a photo shoot while they waited.  One of my favorite pictures EVER.

Waiting for our Super Shuttle.  🙂


This time, we stayed in the Union Square area….VERY BUSY.  We had breakfast for lunch at Sears Fine Foods. 

We walked up to Chinatown and checked out the shops.


We made it up to Golden Gate Fortune Cookies this time.

We walked back to the hotel and took a LOOONG nap.  Yay!  Then, we took a bus to Japantown.  Unfortunately, it was pretty late and most of the stores were closed.  Sigh.  Still beautiful, though.

We walked down Fillmore Street (AMAZING shopping) and stopped into Marc Jacobs.  I know, I know, kind of silly since there’s one in LA.  Still, bought myself a SanFran souvenir that had nothing to do with SanFran. 

And…this is where it gets REALLY interesting.  We took a bus to Bocadillos for dinner.  It’s a Spanish restaurant we stumbled upon on our last visit and really enjoyed.  We ordered our tapas, some wine and that’s when I felt the urge to go to the bathroom.  Number 2.  I went.  I stuffed the toilet.  I tried to unstuff it.  I couldn’t.  I looked through all of their supplies.  Nothing helped.  The bathroom is just 1 room, unisex, with a door that opens out directly into a small dining area.  There was NO way I could avoid humiliation by pretending it wasn’t me.  So, after 15 minutes (at least), I exited and told Stephen we had to leave NOW.  No dessert.  NOW. 

We were laughing all the way back to the hotel.  Hysterical laughing.  Stephen claims that if I would have given him a chance, we would have unclogged it and we could have continued with dinner.  He’s kind of upset because we can NEVER go back there.  EVER.  Because, I KNOW they will remember me.  😦


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