San FRANCISCO!!!!! Part 3

Day 3 started off a little gloomy.  We took a few modes of transport to The Castro for breakfast.  It rained pretty steadily the whole time and we were trying our hardest to keep Lara dry.  She did pretty well, curled in her stroller with a blanket shielding her, sticking her hand out every so often so that we could hand her snacks.  The life she leads! 

After breakfast, we walked through Haight/Asbury areas to Golden Gate Park.  After what seemed like the longest, wettest walk ever, we made it to de Young and, you won’t believe it, the rain stopped and the big, beautiful sun came out.  Yay!  We gave the museum a quick run through.  Lara picked out her favorite (though, morbid) painting. 

“I think she’s sad because someone squished her rabbit”


We took a couple of buses to The Legion of Honor. 


Besides being an imposing building crammed with beautiful artwork, the view from there is incredible.  And, we found a plaque dedicated to Frances Willard.  Lara’s going to Willard Elementary in Kindergarten!  What a coincidence!  Go Wildcats!!




While I was on hold with Super Shuttle making our transport arrangements, Lara and Stephen strolled down to the most picturesque spot on Earth.




The PERFECT postcard.


Now, if my mind serves me correctly, after the Legion, we took a bus (took 1 hour, I think) back to the hotel before dinner.  That kind of made me sad!  There were a couple of hours until our reservations, why would I waste time at the hotel?  Then, I remembered.  Aunt Flo was hanging out with us that day and the cramps were out of control.  Sucks to be a girl!

Dinner was at Foreign Cinema and it was unforgettable.  Everything about that restaurant was jazz,  They were nice, the food was delicious, the location was beautiful, it was very kid-friendly (but, still fancy).  For pictures of all the delicious food, please get yourself and IPhone and add Stephen on Instagram.  🙂

Here go our animals friends, out to dinner!  Yay!!!


And, we made it back to the hotel in time for The Amazing Race!  Best. Vacation. EVER!



The next morning we packed and checked out super early so that we would have a little more exploring time.  We stopped by Tartine for baked goods, then we were 1st in line at Bi-Rite for ice cream.  Nothing wrong with ice cream at 10am!  🙂




Our last walk back to the hotel.  Awwwww.  ❤




And, as quickly as it started, our San Francisco 2011 vacation was OVER.  See you around, SanFran!


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