Happy Mother’s Day to ME (and, other Moms, too)!

As cheesy as it may sound, the best thing about Mother’s Day is being with Lara, celebrating with Lara.  So, pretty much, Mother’s Day is every day.  She fills my heart with a joy that I can’t describe and I can’t even conceive my life without her.  She’s the best there is.  And, I thank God every day for letting me be her Mom.  And, I thank God every day that Stephen is her Dad.  Awwwwwwww. 


Her (WONDERFUL!!) school had a Mother’s Day Tea.  Now, every single event at her school this year has been SO bittersweet.  It’s her LAST YEAR at a school Stephen and I knew was the perfect fit for us. 


Her gifts to me!!  That gold shoe?  She spent weeks applying layers and layers of glue to prep it for the gold spray paint.  Cool outcome, huh?



After she did an adorable performance, she sat with me and we had tea.  We chatted and played the part…hehehe.




We walked across the room and socialized with some friends.  🙂



We LOOOOOVE each other.  And, we look nothing alike!  🙂



Second part of my lovely gift was this gorgeous frame.  She drew all the pics with a pencil and her teacher went over it with some dangerous tool. 



After Tea Time, we picked up my Mom and headed over to Picture People (RIP Arcadia location) and took some Mother’s Day portraits.  Lara looks more like my Mom than me, huh? 



The following weekend was the Mother’s Day celebration at church.  Lara recited a Bible verse on her own.  🙂



This is her, “I know you’re looking at me and I’m proud of myself and I’m also a little shy” look.


My Mom, My Daughter and I.  ❤


My Mother’s Day gift!  Stephen and Lara picked out this LOOOVELY Miss Marc watch for me!!!!!!!

Walking up to receive a little gift from the church and get recognized as a Mommy.  My Mom!!!!






My SIL!!!!



My other SIL!!!!




After church, we went to Margarita’s and got pretty bad service and a mediocre tasting (and overpriced) buffet.  Sigh.




Awwww….the reason we are all Mommys!!!


A bunch of good-looking people!



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