LACS—Last Day of Pre-School

And, just like that, the school year is over.  I wasn’t sobbing on the last day because she’s still going to attend for Summer Camp.  But, stand by the last week of August because I may need to be carried out of there.  😦


End of Year Party, which I could not attend because I work at night and I spend ALL morning sleeping.  Sigh.  Stephen, however, spent his lunchtime documenting.


Lara and Lovely Syenna.






Lara HATED pizza at the beginning of the school year.  After countless pizza parties, “If you can’t beat em’, join em'”.


Cupcakes that Lara and Stephen made the night before.  🙂  While I was at work, missing out on EVERYTHING.


At the Science Table.


Her WONDERFUL teachers!  Thank you SO much Ms Suzanne and Ms Mayda.  You take care of my best girl, teach her and love her.  You have become very special to us.








As Lara would say, “This is the real last day of school, not the celebration“.


June Gloom, hence the coat.


BTW, she loves sharing things with the class, especially books.  There she goes, her last chance to share from her collection.


Some of her classmates.


Getting a lovely hug from Nanako.


Posing with The Cousin.


And, something that is surely going to be a tradition, a family portrait on the last day of school.  🙂




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