Happy 4th of July!!!

Last Summer, Lara came home from Summer Camp pretty upset.  She was wondering why we weren’t at the 4th of July Parade.  Uh….what parade?!?!  Somehow, I missed the memo and we weren’t there to take 1,000 pictures and cheer like we usually are.  This year, Stephen and I were there, front and center.  Don’t want to disappoint our little Bear during her LAST year in pre-school.




Here she comes, Miss America!







She loves to parade!


While Lara was in school, I was chasing after trends and getting a feather in my hair.  $40 and 2 weeks later, I still LOOOVE it.  It’s easy to upkeep and is adorable.  I thought it would be a good idea since I haven’t had a chance to re-dye my hair and it’s multi-hued look was depressing me a bit.  I was pretty amazed when the hairdresser that put the feather in said she loved my hair color and the grown-out look was IN.  I love being trendy!  Hehe.




It looks darker indoors.  tricky hair!

Still parading…





And, that night Lara went over Julisa’s to celebrate her 10th birthday.  It was supposed to be a sleepover, but she clearly told us before we dropped her off, “I will celebrate with her at night and play Dance Wii, but I won’t sleep there because I will miss my Mom and Dad”.  Sounds good to us!



We went to see Midnight in Paris (LOOOOVED it!  London/Paris Trip 2013, for SURE), we had some sushi, and promptly picked up our little girl from the sleepover.  🙂


That was the extent of my 4th of July celebrations.  On the actual date, I was stuck at work while Lara and Stephen went to the Rose Bowl to check out the fireworks. 








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