Summer Break….WAY too short

I don’t know about your childhood Summers, but mine were great.  I stayed home and enjoyed a break from school.  I read some books.  I would get bored and go to Summer School for fun (I was different).  My Mom worked from home so, I got to be home a lot.  Lara, on the other hand, has to be at Summer Camp all Summer while Stephen and I work.  SIGH.  A HUGE SIGH, too.  She had one week off between the end of the school year and Day Camp.  I decided to squeeze as many activities into that week as possible.


1.  The Aquarium!

Starting our drive down the 710.


Yay!  I LOOVE the aquarium.  It’s so hands-on and perfect for Lara’s age.  She pretty much lead us around the same way we used to go when she would take toddler/mommy & me classes there.






We went into the bird area for the first time.  We tried to feed them over priced syrup, but there were too many people around so, our syrup went to waste. 😦




I packed us a lunch because I REFUSE to pay $5 for a hot dog.  It really is a shame the way they gouge families with the food prices.



Her favorite part of the trip was the fun coin donation post. 





A boat photo session.




Outside, taming the waters…





I let her pick some goodies from the gift shop.  She bought a plastic mermaid and mermaid stickers.


2.  Kidspace!

At the end of the week ,when I asked her what her favorite of our excursions was, she said Kidspace was it.  Kind of funny since it was the cheapest and the closest to home.  I think she liked it that I let her get soaking wet in their waterfall area.


They is after the water play.  I took a change of clothes (and, packed a lunch…again) because I’m no teen mom.



I made her take a break from exploring to sit down and make a craft.






3.  ZOO!


The last time I took her to the zoo, she was 2 and the zoo was undergoing major construction.  It was pretty much empty of animals and depressing.  Thankfully, most of the constructing is wrapped up and the main attraction is back…elephants!


Before we headed off to the zoo, we stopped by Old Navy to use an old Groupon to buy myself a dress.  Instead, we left with two t-shirts (Beauty & the Beast and Madeline) and a new lunch box. 



I made her wear a visor because the sun was piercing and sun damage scares me so bad.  She wasn’t into it.  6


Her favorite was the elephants because (in her own words), “Dumbo gets to meet his family!”.  The had quite a reunion.




At the end of the week, I didn’t feel too sad about her going to Summer Camp.  It’s air-conditioned, she gets to hang out with her friends and play all day.  Not too bad, right???


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