My man is CRAFTY.

When Stephen purchased a sewing machine, I worried.  First, I imagined him up all night creating things.  Then, I worried about injuries.  That’s just me, I worry just for the sake of worrying.  He stored the sewing machine and I forgot about it.  Out of nowhere,  he sends me a before and after picture.  He has been saving this shirt for about a year with the intention of turning it into a dress for Lara.



And, because Stephen is pretty much good at EVERYTHING (except for reading my mind, which causes A LOT of problems), he successfully made Lara an adorable little shirt dress that we were going to make her staple item.  Until, we put it on her and she decided she HATED it.  Something about it being a boy shirt.  SIGH.



I mean, she cried for a while.  I didn’t actually witness it (WORK!!!) so, I laughed for 15 minutes straight when Steve sent me these pics…



I’m going to try to put the dress on her this weekend, just to torture her.


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