A few wonderful things….

1.  We finally bought a fan and (THANKFULLY!) it has really helped me put up with the heat.  For those that don’t know, I’m not a fan of Summer weather and I’m happiest when it’s less than 75 degrees.  The fan does such an awesome job circulating.  I hope we can go through the Summer without using the air conditioner.

2.  The Nordy’s Anniversary Sale is going on NOW.  I have a shipment coming in on Thursday and you will just DIE when you see all the cute things I bought (on SALE!).

3.  I finally found a face cream that works for my combination skin.  This new cream, along with the Clarisonic, is how I plan on having the nicest 30-year-old skin EVER.

4.  Neither of our cars need a smog check this year!  That means I don’t have to hold my breath for 30 minutes while The Benzie or The Golf are being tested.  🙂

5.  I saw Harry Potter this weekend!!  My review?  Let’s just say my goal is to see it at least 1/month until it comes out on DVD.  I will miss you Severus!


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