#1: What I am Thankful for.

I’m going to try to celebrate Thanksgiving ALL month-long by posting at least 15 things I am thankful for (and, by watching, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving with Lara at least once a week).  Fifteen is a small number when I sit and think about how BLESSED I am and how God continues to provide so much for me and my family.

Today, I am thankful for…FOOD.

Yesterday, Lara asked for something specific for dinner:

“You know, chorizo?  Cilantro?  It’s that thing where you put a lot of things inside and it has avocado and it’s really good”. 

She meant Ceviche.  🙂

Stephen was set to make dinner Tuesday night because he didn’t have school and I was tired and in no mood to make dinner.  I told her that he had to make Chicken Tortilla Soup because the chicken was the next thing to expire and the clock was ticking on that chicken.  She (of course) said it was okay and went about her business. 

Today, I made a quick stop at Target after I volunteered at her school and picked up some ceviche essentials:

Frozen, cooked bag of shrimp: $10

Tomatoes: $2

Two avocados: $3

Celery: $2

Tostadas: $2

I had the rest of the ingredients so, my ceviche list ends there.  As I was picking up the items, I felt so thankful that I am able to fulfill my daughter’s food cravings.  We got paid today and there was nothing stopping me from buying a bag of shrimp.  I felt humbled and saddened because I don’t always remember to be in awe of EVERYTHING that God gives me. 
Also on my shopping list was detergent ($10!!!) and paper towels ($8!!!).

I am thankful for FOOD.

I will show my thankfulness by:

Remembering to pray before EVERY meal.

Buying canned food/non-perishables for the needy every time I go grocery shopping.

Offering to treat others to breakfast, lunch, dinner as often as I can.

Cooking for people other than Stephen and Lara.


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