The Day Before Lara’s 5th Birthday

It has become a yearly tradition to celebrate Lara’s birthday for days on end.  She’s just so special to us and she is so grateful and gracious when it comes to celebrating herself.  The more thankful she is, the more we want to shower her with gifts.  It’s a vicious cycle!  The Sunday before Lara’s birthday we all sang her Happy Birthday at church.


Stephen made cupcakes and I made Jello cups for her Sunday School friends.


“Huh?”  🙂


She got to hit a pinata.  Not Mom’s favorite thing, but I’ve learned to put aside MY idea of fun for Lara’s idea of fun.



Lara and her Nani. 

Nana has been coming over once a week to watch Lara while Stephen and I are at school (along with Tata and Uncle Gabe).  Lara really enjoys that bonding with Grandma time and Stephen and I feel so blessed to have parents who don’t hesitate to spend time with our best girl.


After church we went home and gave her a special birthday gift….

A Rapunzel costume!!!


Perfect to wear to….Disneyland!  We renewed our annual passes and had a late lunch/early dinner at Ariel’s Grotto.



We got on a few rides…


And, met up with the rest of the family…YAY!


Did you notice that Lara was wearing a cast on the Sunday before her 5th birthday?  Another story for another day.  🙂


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