Day 1…


And, Stephen has found a way to get me out of my non-blogging funk.  He showed me this photo challenge that was going around Instagram and I’m SO sold.  Sure, I don’t have Instagram.  Or, an Iphone (YET.  I’m thinking I’m going to convert some time this year).  I’m still going to use the good OLD Blackberry (and, the point & shoot) to participate.  And, YES, I realize I’m late on the 1st post.  I forgot, okay!  So here is #1: my view for the last 10 hours:


I know it doesn’t look very appealing, but it’s actually not TOO bad.  That’s what’s in front.  Behind me, are my Friends who have me laughing up a storm all night.  Partly from jokes, partly from exhaustion.  Everything seems so much funnier at 3am. 

I apologize in advance if my photos are blurry/boring/etc.  🙂




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