Day 3…


And, this is why an Iphone looks more and more appealing each day.  I couldn’t just upload this pic RIGHT when I took it.  My Blackberry Worpdress App has some kind of bug that no one has been able to resolve.  So, I had to get to a desktop to show off Lara’s hands.  Here she is, practicing her numbers, up until 100.  The goal is for them to be able to write them and count out loud.  Oh, Kindergarten, aren’t you cute?  🙂


Day 2…


Day #2 is WORDS.  The 1st thing I thought of was to write something down and show all of you what beautiful penmanship I have.  I was trying to think of something poignant to say when I looked over at my Starbucks cup.  It was filled with an Iced Soy Chai Latte at the beginning of the night.  Around 2am, it was a cup of ice water.  Around 4am, it was Diet Coke.  And, every time I pick it up to take a sip, I look at my misspelled name.  Why would anyone add an extra N to my name?  Diannnnnnna.  Is that how I said it?  Do I enunciate the N too much?  Is it because English is my 2nd language?  Something to ponder.


Day 1…


And, Stephen has found a way to get me out of my non-blogging funk.  He showed me this photo challenge that was going around Instagram and I’m SO sold.  Sure, I don’t have Instagram.  Or, an Iphone (YET.  I’m thinking I’m going to convert some time this year).  I’m still going to use the good OLD Blackberry (and, the point & shoot) to participate.  And, YES, I realize I’m late on the 1st post.  I forgot, okay!  So here is #1: my view for the last 10 hours:


I know it doesn’t look very appealing, but it’s actually not TOO bad.  That’s what’s in front.  Behind me, are my Friends who have me laughing up a storm all night.  Partly from jokes, partly from exhaustion.  Everything seems so much funnier at 3am. 

I apologize in advance if my photos are blurry/boring/etc.  🙂



I think I need a DVR.

I haven’t been this hooked on TV shows since I was 10 years old and my brother and I used to highlight the TV Guide with the shows we would be watching all week.  We were SO hooked on tv.  When we weren’t watching TV, we were playing Nintendo.  Typical American childhood, right?  My LOVE for TV continued through high school (My So Called Life!), then I stopped watching so much.  I think my work scheduled got in the way of the television schedule.  That is, until this Fall when I started circumventing the scheduled by watching shows online.  I know, I know, a little late on the ride, right?  I just didn’t think watching a show on the computer would be as satisfying as watching it on my TV.  Uh, WRONG!  I’m SO hooked on the following shows.  I mean, HOOKED.


Ringer, Revenge, Amazing Race, ANTM, Louis, American Horror Story, Modern Family, Once Upon a Time


The BEST part is that I can even watch shows that would normally NOT be accessible to me because I don’t have cable.


Yes, I just blogged about television.  It’s my blog and I’ll post what I want to.   🙂


On Monday, I took advantage of the night off and spent the whole day with my Bear.  I volunteered at her school and ate lunch with her.  We played with her friends during recess.  We picked leaves and ran around…it was THE BEST. 



We got home and were surprised by an AMAZING package from a friend that works at DreamWorks.  Thank you, MARK!  He said he was going to send her some Puss in Boots toys…he went overboard, I think.  🙂



More on this weekend…

Stephen and I had a Date Night this past Saturday.  It had been awhile and we were SO looking forward to it.  We had dinner at Off Vine, then made our way to Theatre Asylum for a play that combined two of my favorite things:  Pulp Fiction and Shakespeare.  It was HILARIOUS and Pulp Fiction fans should check it out. 







Unrelated, we rented Tree of Life this weekend and….WOW.  I must not be smart enough for it.  Because, we only made it through 50 percent before we took that movie straight back to the Redbox.  Once the dinosaurs showed up, I had enough.  No amount of Brad Pitt could fix that existential mess.  We also saw The Godfather for the 1st time and I give it two thumbs up.  I like gangster movies and the horse head was NO joke.  Also, Al Pacino was very handsome as a young man.  And, I prefer Diane Keaton as Annie Hall.


I try to take photos of Lara as often as possible.  Example:  Stephen went to pick us up some Baskin Robbins while we stayed in the car and read some library books.  I whipped out the camera and Lara complained.  Oh no!  Is she finally tired of our constant fawning over her?  She better not be…there’s lots more where that came from. 







SO, I turned the camera on myself, which is NEVER a problem, because I’m a ham.  I wanted to document the matching braids Stephen made for Lara and me.  I seldom put my hair up and feel most comfortable with my hair down (preferably in my face) but, after I saw him work his braiding magic on Lara, I wanted to copy.



I put my hair down later that night when I went to dinner with my BFFs.  I couldn’t take it anymore!


We did our annual Christmas Gift Exchange name choosing and I can’t wait to shower my person with gifts!  Yes, I DO want to tell you whose name I picked out of the box.  But, I won’t.   YET.


Happy Monday!


This is what we did this weekend.  Not ALL weekend, just on Sunday.  This gives us TWO full months of a beautiful Christmas tree in our home.  <3! 

My Christmas list is written out, Naughty AND Nice, gift exchanges have been set up….OH, I’m ready. 


This Sunday was the release of Gwen Stefani’s “cheap” (not REALLY cheap, just cheap for Gwen) Harajuku Mini line at Target.  I managed to stay right within budget with 5 pieces.  A dress, two long sleeve tees, an ADORABLE sleeveless sweater vest with a white short sleeve shirt and tie attached and black leggings with fur leg warmer attachments.  LOVE!  The quality is surprisingly high and Lara was pleased with my choices (except for the tie shirt, because she’s not a boy).  I woke up SO early to ge t 1st dibs on this stuff and it was totally worth it.




Hope ya’ll had a nice weekend and have a nice week!  🙂